Automotive Software Testing



In this era of software-defined vehicles, software plays a significant role in automotive engineering, including technologies such as Autonomous Driving(AD), Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Connected Cars, and In-Car Entertainment Systems.

We provide comprehensive support for quality improvement across various products and services through software testing, including the validation of internal devices and associated applications.



Vehicle-Level Testing

One of the benefits of testing in real traffic scenarios is obtaining more accurate and reliable data. These results reflect what consumers will experience on a daily basis, and conducting tests in various real traffic scenarios contributes to enhancing the user experience. We have the necessary expertise and are well-equipped to deploy our engineers to collect essential data in any city, state, or region.

Bench Testing

We have extensive experience in conducting testing in a bench environment. Our skilled engineers meticulously assess the behavior, functionality, and performance of the system under controlled conditions. This controlled setting enables us to manipulate and measure variables accurately, gaining insights into how the system performs across various scenarios.

Data Processing and Assessment

We specialize in data processing, ensuring accurate and consistent data integrity. With careful compilation and preparation of tested data, our clients can confidently analyze the results. In the data assessment stage, we objectively evaluate the impacts on safety and driver acceptance. Our software testing involves placing products in real environments to assess their adherence to intended operation. The gathered information guides our testing process and allows for necessary adjustments.

Why Prioritizing Software Testing is Crucial


Early software testing saves costs by catching bugs sooner. Boehm's cost of change curve remains relevant, emphasizing the importance of prompt testing, even in Agile methodologies.


Vehicle security is a top priority in software testing. Users demand secure products that protect their vehicles and personal information.


Aligning with intentions and user expectations, addressing graphics, functionality, and interface issues early on prevents market-related challenges.


Customer satisfaction is key. Load/performance testing checks software speed and stability under load. Compatibility testing ensures compatibility with various systems.

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Our Experience


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20 years of experience providing cross-functional solutions in the United States.

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10,000 engineers are working together as a group across the world, solving problems every day.

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Our group has been providing solutions across the world for 50 years.

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With over 20 years of experience in the US, we specialize in software testing and embedded software development for automotive applications. We have a strong track record in delivering high-quality solutions for the automotive industry.
Our expertise lies in areas such as: ADAS sensor systems, car infotainment, and instrument clusters.


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